The Challenge
Melbourne UAV is once again entering the Open Search and Rescue challenge section of the 2012 Australian Outback UAV Challenge.
No comp this year as the judges have decided teams need longer to prepare. After getting very close in 2009 and not so close in 2010 we just had to come back!

In a nutshell this involves us building a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) to find Outback Joe, a lost bushwalker in desperate need of assistance.

Around 4Km from the airport there is a search area (where Outback Joe will be located) that is roughly 2Km X 3 Km in area. The objective is for our UAV fly autonomously to the search area and begin looking for Outback Joe. Once we find him we are then to report to the Judges with the GPS Co-ordinates of the location of Joe. If they agree that he is within that area, we then have permission to drop a 600ml bottle of liquid (water) to him from the UAV.
The team that drops the bottle the closest to Outback Joe without hitting him is the winner as long as you can accomplish all of this within 1 hour!

In the previous 4 years of the competition, no one has been able to fully complete the mission.
Until Now! :)
Here is a link to the 2012 Australian Outback UAV Challenge website.

Here is a map of the course. (2009)

Melbourne UAV with Outback Joe! (2009)
Outback Joe!